Saturday, February 6, 2010

Two for the Little Lady

When Rhyl catches me perusing any patterns or projects online, she often requests a dress. So I went thru my fabric stash, and pulled out a length of crumpled white satin that has moved with us at least once, if not twice, and my new Simplicity pattern (remember the cowgirl outfit?).

And now she has an angel dress. It's pretty plain, but she loves it. And that's the most important.

Oh yeah, and also important: I consider it a payment to myself to put this fabric to use, and the entire thing only took about an hour and a half.

Rhyl's [fun]ctional bathroom addition, which Mama is probably crazier about than she is, is a hair bow keeper, inspired by this post. I made it out of a $3 picture frame from the evil WM corporation (ugh, don't even ask me what I was doing there--someone PLEASE open a craft store in Keokuk!!!) and leftover fabric from my shower curtain.

It would have been cute with satin ribbons, but I had these fabric straps on hand from the shower curtain.

I do have a feeling that I should have really shellacked this down, because I think it'll be pulled on enough to need repair. But we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Cost: $3 and fabric scraps. PS-- I included this pic of the back so that you can see how I put it together. And I stuck it on the inside of the bathroom cabinet with a couple of leftover 3M stickers.

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