Monday, February 15, 2010

Carebear Pillow Decon/Recon

I've mentioned before that my friend Alma's daughter outgrowing her Carebear decor has taken most of the work and expense out of decorating my toddler's room. However, years of love have taken their toll on a couple of items. A recent bequeathment from Kristen was a small pillow, which had clearly been well-loved. I'm sure you know the type. The back probably used to be white. The front was still in perfect shape, tho, so I salvaged it and went spelunking into my sewing room and found a bold retro flower print that compliments the Carebear color. We were bombarded with baby blankets when Little Miss was born and still find ourselves with an abundance of those, such as this pretty pink fleece one with embroidered flowers. So I got out my pinking shears, and here's what I did with it all:

Total Cost: Free!
Thank you, Alma and Kristen!

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