Saturday, February 6, 2010

Beatrice is Born

Because I'm a little sensitive about birthing pictures, and because there quickly comes a point when you're wrapped snugly in tape that your instincts start screaming for freedom, we don't have any "during" pictures.

"Before" pictures, which I also won't bother with, would include a broken lamp, three bags of fabric scraps that came in my old-lady-quilter's sewing stash (from an estate auction a few years ago), two rolls of wide masking tape, an old T shirt, and a small plastic plate (for stability within the form).
And here she is. Beatrice.

My darling husband helped out immensely. Thanks, Honey! Couldn't have taped up myself straight without you!


Megan said...

What?! How did you make this? I had no idea you could make your own dress form. Oh, this is going to be a fun Valentine's weekend project for my husband.

Melody said...

I KNEW I should have posted a few links! :) There are tutorials for this everywhere. I think I only mentally bookmarked the ones I found.
This looks like a good one:
And Samster Mommy's adventures:

I want to do one in papier mache at some point, but this was a good starter. And it was a mildly clostrophobic experience, so I'm not likely to do another until I forget what the first one felt like. Kinda like having babies, in that way. hehe