Monday, February 15, 2010


Some days warrant a tall glass of wine at the end of them. Currently, the only wine in the house is some failed home brew that leaves me with a belly ache. Clearly, if you back up just a bit down the blog, you can see that we do have..... Vodka! I raided the fridge and found lemon juice, lime juice, 7-Up, some cherries--but I have no real idea how to mix a drink, other than the small handful of drinks that my sister offers at her bar. So I went looking for the equivalent for alcohol, and BAM! Found it.
If you have any interest in drink mixing--whether you're looking for a good punch recipe or you find yourself with vodka when you usually have wine--go there! My relaxing evening included a Vicious Kiss. Lime juice, cherry juice, vodka... pretty good! Thanks, DrinkNation!!
Except, this really made me wish we'd gotten more expensive vodka. ;)

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