Wednesday, February 3, 2010

So I Was Wrong

Apparently I am still on a creative streak.
Not bad news, right?!

Remember those *should-be-easy* Frederick's tops I talked about? I thought I'd try my hand at making one for myself. The should-be-easy part gets a little tricky when you don't have a pattern, you've never made one in an adult size, and you're too lazy to go downstairs and get the shirt to hold up to the fabric for size reference. (Anybody else do that? "I'm here, I'm mostly ready, let's just get to it!") But all in all, considering that this was made purely as practice and actually turned out pretty cute, I can't be too unhappy with it! Even tho I'm not exactly tickled pink.

I also found a good use for those Christmas/bday cards that I never want to throw out, due to the fact that they're good heavy card stock. Stencils! I think I got the bird pattern from Googling "bird silhouettes". It was a leftover from painting Gus' wall (that's somewhere on the blog).
First of all, it was much too plain because I couldn't be bothered with the open shoulders this time around. But the paint colors didn't turn out how I wanted. I was going for dark brown, and when that didn't work out (hmm, probably could have tried a second coat?? big duh) I thought it would look better sparkly. But that added a sort of blue tint to it, so I guess I got the wrong color of clear sparkly paint. Clear is not "clear" after all. Ya learn something new every day, huh? But when it was all said and done, I ended up with a decently cute new peasant top. Not bad for no pattern, no exact measurements, no guidelines... just not bad.
AND it has irony. Anybody who knows me has probably heard, because I talk about it way too much...
I hate birds!! lol It's not that I think they're ugly (well, not all of them). They just gross me out.

I do hope to make something similar (but hopefully better) soon. Even going into it blind, this is an incredibly easy, kind of hard-to-mess-up project for the beginner/intermediate sewist.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I think the top is fabulous!!! I love it even with the birds. When I first saw the birds on there I thought of the recent Dove campagain they had to empower women. So have magic hands,girl!!!! :)

ConnieJ6 from Mommysavers

AmberRay said...

Very cute top. I would wear it and love it.