Monday, February 8, 2010


Lucky me! Most of the work was taken out of decorating my 2 y/o daughter's room when a friend's daughter decided she'd outgrown her Carebear decor. :D This is where Little Miss sleeps:

And this... well, this isn't something I'm beaming with pride over, but it's better than the Carebear printout that was in the frame. I didn't have stencils for the letters and my printer is on the fritz, so it is 100% free-handed, so I can't complain too much because it's legible! (It says, "rhyl".) This is one of three pictures that were gifted to us by our gracious friend Kristen, but it was just a little too aged. The frame was good, tho.

In a procrastatory move (is that a word??), I got out the scissors and put together a fun little name picture thingy. It's colorful and fills a space on the wall, and that's all I really wanted. Oh yes, and it kept me from doing my workout video. Another plus.

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