Friday, February 19, 2010

Because Sometimes It Doesn't Work Out

Here's to mistakes!
*insert glass clinks and "Cheers" here*
I had two t-shirts that I bought for $5 each at JC Penny's a year or two ago, and altho they were my size, my style, and colors I like, I almost never wore them. Well, obviously I wore the purple one enough to get a bleach spot on the collar, but otherwise they were in perfect, barely-worn condition. I decided to get a little bit of toddler-dress practice in and try doing a shrink-down. This post is for all of the people who ever had the idea that I don't end up with nothing but a pile of scrap fabric sometimes. There probably aren't any people who think that, but let's make sure it stays that way. :D Even tho Little Miss loves this dress, I have still dubbed it a disaster. But it was worth the practice! And the liberated hanger in my closet.

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