Friday, February 19, 2010

More Than a Shoe Box...

...It's the first step in realizing a dream! Okay, it's not like I went to the Olympics, but anybody who's ever found themselves repeatedly thinking about how they REALLY want to do something, only to hear over and over how they can't do it for some reason, knows exactly how satisfying it is to take that first step and see some results. It's like a door, which has always been bolted shut and boarded up, has just flown open in front of you and suddenly there's nothing keeping you from all the goodness on the other side.
Sort of a lot to say about a shoe shelf, I know, but that's what's really going on for me, by building this. It's not a big, wonderful project, but I wanted to start really small, in order to get comfortable with the tools. (hehehe: I said that to Nick and he said, very nervously, "what... tools...?") And I have Ana at to thank for the final push that sent me into the hardware aisle. I have been talking myself into woodworking for a long time, but seeing her stuff (I mentioned it here) was exactly the motivation I needed to just go for it. Thanks, Ana!

I put this together in two naptimes, roughly.
It started out as a closet door. This was VERY big and VERY heavy.

The only things I paid for were the screws (18 screws at 11 cents each) and the can of spray paint that I decided to use at the last minute (somewhere around $4). TOTAL COST: About $6.50 Would have been about $2 had I used some of the random half-cans of paint that we have around the basement and in the closets. I'll probably do that next time.
OH HECK YES, there will be a "next time"!!

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