Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rhyl's "New" Jeans

Little Miss HATES jeans. She hates the seams, the waist band, the crotch and zipper, the material--and she freaks out every time she thinks I'm going to make her put on a pair. Everything about denim jeans rubs her the wrong way, quite literally, and she won't have anything to do with them. But some of her shirts look best with jeans, and I get tired of seeing her in sweats and leggings ALL. THE. TIME.

Last week Hubby came home early because he'd ripped out the rear in his jeans--a soft, worn-in pair that he liked because they were (light bulb!) SO comfy! I planned to make a simple pair of pants for Rhyl out of them, with a simple elastic waistband.
But the more I looked around as I was doing this project, the more ideas I got. I saw a perfect-fitting pair of leggings that had been stained up and bleached out and decided to line her new pants. I turned them inside-out so that there are absolutely NO seams rubbing on her anywhere.
I had a $3 roll of craft ribbon and a $2 belt buckle (I had already planned to make a belt for her, altho I don't know why because she never wears anything with loops!), and off I went! I also used the elastic from the leggings, so there was no cost there.
She now has a "new" pair of jeans that are lined because it's FREEZING COLD and SNOWY in Iowa right now, with a matching belt, and she LOVES them!! Score one for Mom brains!!! :D And they're extra-special, of course, because they were Daddy's jeans first. And perhaps sometime, tho maybe not today, I'll get a picture of them on the model--when the model isn't feeling so terrible-twosey.

Total Cost: $3 for ribbon (used nearly all 3'), $2 for belt buckle, free jeans, free elastic for waist, free leggings for lining, so.... $5 and about an hour, start to finish.

Seeing my girl in jeans without melting down: do I even have to say it??


Anonymous said...

Hi! Very cute and so functional,Melody! I printed out your cookie recipe and hope to try it out soon.

I got some stuff for you that I will eventually send when I get a chance. :)

ConnieJ6 from Mommysavers

AmberRay said...

I love those. They are super cute. You are so talented. I love seeing all the things you make.

Silvia said...

Super idea with the jeans! Nicole had the same obsession about seams, and wore nothing but leggings well into third grade. But, none of us ever had such clever ideas to help her deal with the situation.

I love your blog! You're an amazing woman!