Friday, January 29, 2010

Things I'm Loving Right Now

Warning: I don't know why I'm posting this. It's not at all important. Just clothing I'm thinking about.
Feel free to ignore me starting... now!
I love looking thru catalogs at clothing for inspiration. I almost never buy anything.
And the only catalogs I get right now are Frederick's of Hollywood, Victoria Secret, and Body Central (some random company I'd never heard of;
I think they might be Frederick's affiliated).
Here are my Frederick's picks (who knew they had clothing, right???):

This is just super sexy. WHY and to WHERE would I wear this??

I love this one. I'd buy this. You know, if I couldn't make it. ;)

Another very cute, should-be-easy-to-make top.

Jury's still out on batwing tops over at my house. My plan is to try one on before I make one. Don't want to waste the effort on something I'll hate.

This would be a flattering top for lots of body types, and not slutty!
This design makes me want to hit the sewing room, hard.
This dress is gorgeous, and the ruching up the rear should make it somewhat forgiving. However, I think this one is just a notch above my current freehand comfort level.
Just a notch. :D

This blue top is adorable, but my girls require more support than this would allow.
Perhaps, instead of open rings, something less... see-thru?

I LOVE this!! I really am thinking of making this. It's not too trashy to wear out!
It's a satin halter tied over a lace tank top. That cannot be terribly difficult, right??
(You hear me knocking on wood, right?)

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