Friday, January 1, 2010

Fun and Frugal

My latest cheapo project?
Reusable snack bags made from fabric and Mylar food bag lining.
That's right--the bag your potato chips came in could make 3 snack bags!
I'm thinking that this may be a good refashioning project for my
Church Lady Group presentation coming up.
(Sorry--I cannot remember the group's name! More on that later...)

I'm sending these to a very lovely online friend
(who likes to stock my sewing room with all sorts of adorable notions that she comes across)
to try out. I haven't made many of these, and I'd like to test out their longevity
before I start handing them out. Don't want people to think I make junk.
These aren't terribly pretty, but that's not the point of a prototype, is it?? :)

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AmberRay said...

Great idea! I love them.