Friday, January 29, 2010

NOT an Etsy Shop Update

An online buddy sends me care packages with fabric and patches and lots of great stuff, and I send her handmade goodnesses in return. So far, it's taken me a seriously LONG time to fulfill her requests, but she's very good at standing by me while I stew over her projects.

ConnieJ6, I PROMISE your Coca-Cola bag is coming, just as soon as I get in idea for it!!
Sometimes you just can't force these things. :)
This piece of tapestry has been sitting in my sewing room (buried for most of its stay, actually) with her name on it for a VERY long time, and it's finally a purse! It's pretty simple and a little crooked in places, but it's still lovely.

Magnetic clasp closure (sorry CJ, it was too late for a zipper by the time I thought I might add one), 11.5 inches from mouth to bottom, with two 17 inch handles. Cream colored satin lining.

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