Friday, January 29, 2010

Now, this is just getting ridiculous!

Can I get any more stylish??? :D I finally cut into that stripy fabric, and suddenly I have a complete outfit! Introducing, my ruffled skirt! (Or, layered skirt? Not sure here.)
Because my stripey shirt is perhaps a little too tight around the middle, I don't want to wear it with jeans because it shows off every squeezed inch everywhere. So I whipped up a skirt that I was *hoping* would turn out, because (as usual) I eyeballed my way thru the process. And I love it! It's a tiny bit big around the waist, tho. When I try to wear it with the belt at the natural waistline, it sags a bit too much. I might insert a small piece of elastic somewhere, if I think about it while I'm in my sewing room.
With my skirt. At the same time. Nah, it'll probably never happen. :)
Anyway, here's my new outfit! The fabric for the skirt--black and gray (the skirt under the ruffles) stretchy knits--has been in my stash forever. Can't remember how much they cost, but I'd say probably $1/yd. No more than $1.50. I probably used about 1/2 yd of each--well, less, but we'll say about a yard of material, altogether. So, let me whip out my calculator...
Cost: about $1 or less, and around 2 hrs total.


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Anonymous said...

Hi! I just love this outfit. Very hip and modern. How hard was it to do the shirt and the skirt?

Go out on the town,girl! :)

ConnieJ6 from Mommysavers

Melody said...

Thanks so much! Neither was terribly hard. The hardest part about the shirt was linging the ruffles up once I figured out just how much my boobs stretched out that spot when it was on. The hardest part of the skirt was altering the length once it was done, because it was too long, and then adding another ruffle along the bottom of the back so that it hit my legs at the same place all the way around. And that wasn't hard at all, come to think of it. :)