Thursday, January 28, 2010

My New Y Shirt!

I have been looking forward to cutting into this fabric for a long time now. It's a thick,
stretchy knit with shiny silver and black stripes. I LOVE it! And it was only $1.50/yd.
I call these Y shirts because they're less T shaped and more Y shaped. The sleeves are built in. There might not be an easier project on the face of the earth than a stretchy Y shirt.
And how:

The catalyst for my most recent surge of creative energy involving this stripey
fabric was, of course, yesterday's Anthropologie site visit.
I've been mentally cataloging images of stripey tops,
and this one just pushed me over the edge.
Theirs is $68, by the way. **stomach roll** Mine: $1.50 and about 2 hours.


Christina AKA Riley'sMom said...

I love it! It's awesome! Great job! :)

mommabear said...

WOW!!! You did a great job! Your Y shirt looks awesome, I really want one NOW!!!


Melody said...

Thanks so much!