Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Contemplating Refashion

As I'm looking around for ways to breathe new life into old clothing, it dawns on me:
why am I not looking more at the designers whose clothing I'd love to wear,
and who inspire other sewists? One quick look at http://www.anthropologie.com/
will stop the heart for a few reasons, including...
PRICES--YOUCH!!! I don't even dream of shopping sale items from these people!
In fact, I didn't even see a sale section until I typed "sale" into their search box.
But my, oh my, just look at the eye candy that is their clothing! The outfits that they
put together are wonderful and I LOVE them, but I think what really draws me to their designs is the simplicity. Looking at so many of their tops, I found myself thinking, I could make that!
(It's usually not as simple as it looks, but I have that thought a lot anyway.)
I'm not altogether sure that my dad isn't a hoarder of clothing, becuase he literally
has enough for years--and from years... and years and years.
He retired from the Navy in 1985 and still has many of his uniform clothing pieces.
And I don't mean the nice stuff. I mean the undershirts and such.
Anyway, Mom gave me a whole bunch of his button-down collared shirts, and
I'm just itching for a chance to cut into them. I'm waiting for an idea that I feel like I somewhat know what I'm doing, tho. I like the shrink-down that I did with that other shirt jacket,
so I think I'm going to try it with a shirt. And I like pintucks, which I might also try on one when I shrink it down. I also love making little girls' dresses out of bigger shirts, and I think I'll try that, too, as soon as I get a little time.
Right now, however, I've been hard at work for Common Grounds, which is a church-sponsored after school program for the kids in our community. My husband and I have been building a stage around the platform where they play the Rock Band video game. Pictures to come soon.
Anyway, I guess the reason for this post is... I feel like I've abandoned you! lol And, on top of just wanting to say "hi" and muse about what I'm thinking about getting up to, I'd be just tickled pink if anybody had any ideas or projects that they wanted to share. I find inspiration everywhere, and I'm quite certain that some pretty talented people drop by here from time to time, and I'd just LOVE to hear from you!

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