Saturday, August 8, 2009

Western Illinois Threshers Reunion!

She wore it!! We got Little Miss in her prairie get-up, and she had a blast! It only took a tiny bit of bribing, and lots of compliments. It was VERY hot, so we got there around 7:30 am to take advantage of the cooler hours. We saw a horse pull, rode the shortline railroad, toured the log cabins (where the women were dressed just like her!), and watched the saw mill and steam engines before calling it a day. It was so great! Gus was fascinated by everything and couldn't have been a better baby. I swear, nothing bothers that kid! The Mt. Pleasant Thresher's Reunion (the BIG one!) is Labor Day weekend. Perhaps we'll make it to that one, too.

Top: Watching the horse pull (the bonnet didn't stay on for long); Rhyl and Dad on the train; Gus watching the camera.
Bottom: Rhyl realizing that she authenticated her farm dress by getting mud on it; Rhyl, Daddy, and Grandma Janice on the train ride; Gus teething.

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