Monday, July 27, 2009

Rhyl the Settler!

I LOVE Renaissaince Faires, but I haven't found any close enough to get involved with. The next best thing is the Thresher's Reunions that abound in our little corner of Iowa! (That would be the southeast corner, fyi!) Or perhaps I just like dressing up. That may be it... Anyhow, I am one sunbonnet away from being done with my toddler's pioneer girl outfit that she will wear to the Threshers fairs, where revellers celebrate life in the midwest before the Industrial Revolution. To see more, you can go to It's fantastic!

No smiling or looking at the camera for this girl today; Sesame Street was on. And she wouldn't put down whatever movie it was that I bribed her with to try on her dress. It's been tough going, getting her to try it on. She'll have to learn to love it, I suppose!

Oh, BTW--the dress is a pillowcase! Cut off the top few inches at the folded end, cut out arm holes, make elastic casings for the collar, use the piece you've cut off for sleeves (tubes that are gathered at the end w/elastic), sew it all together, add some lace, and voila! A dress. Also, there's a simple petticoat underneath it all. VERY easy! I put the whole things together in a few hours last night and this morning.

Essentially, this outfit cost me less than $1 in material, because the pillowcase was a Salvation Army find and the rest of the material is recycled or gifted.

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