Saturday, July 25, 2009

Product Reviews

I spend a lot of mental time wondering if products really work, and agonizing over spending the money to find out. Occasionally, I'm going to throw out some [unsolicited] feedback about things I've tried. Do they work? Don't they? Do they have fulfill purposes other than the intended? All interesting stuff. BTW, if you have a different experience than I do, please talk about it here! I'm not trying to knock something just because it doesn't work for me--it still might be a magic key to someone else's happiness!


My skin has been terrible since I was a teenager, but having babies has made it unmanageable, to say the least. I was using a Mary Kay cleanser that worked, but my skin seems to have finally outsmarted it, per usual. But we had a good run--even better than ProActive, which is about the only other thing I found to work on my acne. Now I'm on to St. Ives Swiss Formula Apricot Scrub (Blemish & Blackhead Control). It works! And, since it's so scrubby, it leaves my skin very soft. I have broken out a few times while using it, but not as bad as what my breakouts normally are. I'd recommend it! And that's saying a lot of a skin care product, because they so seldom work for me.


The baby hormones continue to wreak havoc on my hair--all of it! The hair on my head is catching up with all the shedding that it missed out on when I was preggers, so it's falling out in brush-fulls. But perhaps worst of all my hair-nonsense at the moment is my body hair. It is growing at an alarming rate! Shaving every day is irritating, and the hair grows so quickly that I decided to look into something else. I dropped the $4 or so on Veet Rapid Action Hair Removal Lotion (for Normal Skin with Softening Oils). My first complaint is that I have a hard time removing it from my skin. Most of the hair is removed when I finally do get it all rinsed away, but the stubble the next day is unbelievable! Also, it's supposed to work in three minutes--more like 6. And don't dare get it on a scab or a cut! Common sense will tell you that it will burn, and so will I. For hours! O!U!C!H!

So much for this product being better than shaving. For me, it's not. I need something that makes the smoothness last longer than 16 hours, so I'll keep looking. Any suggestions are, of course, requested and enthusiastically welcomed.


Christina said...

I have to say that ITA with the St. Ives post! I LOVE the stuff! It's just awesome!

Sheilacakes said...

I hate Veet. I used it once and I still have the scars from it.