Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Lacey Pillowcase Top

I'm always please and surprised when a project that starts out purely experimental ends up wearable. This is a pillowcase. Was. This WAS a pillowcase. Now it's a top. It's as easy as opening the end of a pillowcase (open the sides for arm holes, too), hemming or finishing the edges, turning the ends down an inch or so and hemming, running ribbons thru it, and hemming the bottom at your desired length. I also put lace at the bottom, because I cut it too short and needed a few extra inches.

The pillowcase was 25 cents at the Salvation Army, the lace was a recycled free-be from a friend (thanks, Connie!), and the ribbons came off of a Christmas gift. Total investment: a quarter and about 45 minutes to figure it all out. Whoops--I just remembered that I sewed in a small piece of elastic across the back to gather it up a little. You don't have to do this. Not doing it will give you a less-fitted top.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for the shout out. I love the top. So cute and so pretty!!! :)

Christina said...

Awesome job once again! The shirt looks great on you! :)