Thursday, September 17, 2009

This Morning's Shop Update - TOTE!

I went spelunking at the SA the other day and came home with all sorts of goodies, including these two pillows. What great fabric!! It's a retro print, but I'm assuming not actual vintage material since it's in perfect condition. No wear, whatsoever, so I decided it was perfect to re-purpose into a tote bag for my etsy shop! And I had enough material to make a little card wallet.
It was a tough decision to post this one to sell. It's one of those things that I'd LOVE to keep, if I didn't have a closet full. Whoever ends up with this, compliments are sure to abound. It's such a great bag! I'm so proud of it! And considering how tough I am on my own stuff, that's saying a lot.

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Anonymous said...

Very cute! I like the fabric as well. :)

ConnieJ6 at Mommysavers