Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Yellow Swimsuit Bottoms

These aren't necessarily meant to partner the black top (I made matching black bottoms for that). My family has a big camping trip coming up and I'm predicting that I'll be in a swimsuit most of the day for about 4 days. I'm a big fan of clean bottoms so I'm taking more than one!

This was the remainder of a $.25 SA pillow case (remember the yellow inset of the blue plaid top?). I cut out two pieces of the fabric so that I'd have double-thickness (it was a tiny bit thinner than I'd like). Then I used the leftover scraps to braid a belt to go around the waist to hide the edge of the suit (part of the waist was the hem of the pillowcase that I couldn't easily take apart). That also meant that I didn't have to finish the edge of the waist, saving me time and thread on that. I hate to waist anything, and these bottoms used almost exactly the whole amount of fabric I had. I stiched the braid to the waist, and there it is!
Cost: $.25

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