Monday, June 9, 2008

Brown and Khaki Tote

I just can't get enough of this khaki canvas material! It makes the perfect bag! But now I don't have much left. And I like this retro material, too, which is literally decades old and in perfect shape. True vintage! I love it!
The material was free and I didn't embellish the bag or put any closures on it, so the cost of the whole thing cost just a couple of yards of thread! (Btw, I get spools of 1000 yds/$1 usually, which is why I don't include the cost of thread. If you want to factor it in, just add a couple of cents to the total.) If the material weren't free, it would have cost about a yard of material total, maybe a little less. I forgot to take a picture of the inside, but it's lined with the brown material (same as the handles) and has one khaki inside pocket. It's just a regular tote, but I've been meaning to make one to take to the grocery store. I think the handles will make it stronger, too. They certainly won't be coming off any time soon!

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