Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hobo Bag

I used some of the free fabric that my husband's grandmother gave me to make this little purse. It's striped canvas, and I didn't use a pattern, just freehanded it. I cut out squares of fabric for the body and a long rectangle for the handle. It has yellow lining (also Grandma's free fabric) and two inside pockets made out of the striped fabric. The button closure was the extra button that came with a pair of pants, and I haven't decided yet if I'm going to add any other embellishments. It's all earthy tones, and I have some vintage-looking brown beads, but I'm going to wait to be inspired and see what happens. This all took about an hour to make, and maybe a yard of fabric in total, lining and all.

Cost: Free! If I had had to buy the fabric and button, I still wouldn't have spent more than $1.50 on supplies. This is exciting to me, as I don't have a good history with making purses (this is only my second attempt, the first didn't go so well) but I HATE paying for them. Even WM prices for purses make me cringe. I know. I'm cheap. But that's who I am...

Also, I don't buy trendy things, so it's great that I have a cute trendy piece for the price of a few yards of thread.

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