Thursday, October 15, 2009

Some Things for Little Miss

I made a felt crown for Rhyl, because her primary reason for stringing my plastics out is for use as a crown. She puts them on her head and proclaims her rights over her kingdom. Cute, until I have nothing to store my leftovers in.

She was crazy about the crown, but not enough to forget about Tinkerbell. Waving the crown in her face, I asked her if she wanted a queen's dress or a Tinkerbell dress for Halloween. It just couldn't be as easy as making a princess gown, which I'd already have the crown for. No! She wants to be Tinkerbell. (Yeah, yeah, I know--I could just make her a queen dress and she'd love it. But I know she'll love the Tinkerbell dress more, so I'll let the 2 year old win this time.) So I made a rough draft of wings, because I wanted to see if I could even put them together before it was too late to go searching And wouldn't you know? She hates them! Wore them for 3 minutes, then wanted them OFF! Perhaps we'll have to make her a queen after all.

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