Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Most Recent Time-Takers

Here's a ratty collection of snapshots from my most recent time investments.
*Curtains for my kitchen window: took 1 hr from cutting to hanging, will redo them someday, but had to have curtains PRONTO! for a church bbq at our house.
*Gus' bedroom wall painting: this tree is NOT how I saw it turning out--should've stuck with the color scheme I had originally planned. Design Sponge had this before and after project that was my inspiration, but I should have kept it at just the inspiration and shouldn't have second-guessed my own project. Hers is excellent, and I love it. Mine... we'll redo it someday.
*Curtains for Gus' room. Still need tie backs for them to let some light in. And new mini blinds to keep the light out. OR... I just need to make up my mind. lol
*A couple of all-in-one cloth diapers for Gus and Rhyl. She refuses to potty train, so she's still in diapers (no advice needed here--trust me, it's flooding in from all directions!) and Gus is a fat little booger, so they can share diapers. Gus appreciates the purple. The lining is an old receiving blanket.
*Chicken wire basket: My mom gets Mary Jane's Farm magazine, and they had some instructions on chicken wire stuff. I'll post more chicken wire projects later, I'm sure. Rhyl snatched this one for a baby bed, so I covered and padded it and here we are, one chicken wire cradle later.
*Rhyl's tutu: I've been afraid of this project for a while. It's tons of busy work, but it's incredibly easy (with the exception of cutting the tulle--THAT'S a pain in the butt--but I think that would be much easier without two kids crawling all over it). And, like the fairy wings, she hates it. ~sigh~ Better luck next time.
*The children: That's an ongoing project. I'm constantly working on them. They'll never be done, but they are perhaps my most rewarding--and HOPEFULLY successful--of creative endeavors.
*And lastly, but not least, I hung a smoke detector outside Rhyl's bedroom. Not crafty. But very important. :)

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