Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Just Hafta Share...

If you haven't noticed by blog list (to the right), you should. If you have any creative inklings, ever, you should go check it out. When I'm short on motivation and searching for ideas or inspiration--or, by some stroke of miraculous luck, I just have a "free" moment to peruse the web--I go thru this list. They are all on my blog list because they've provided a source of inspiration and/or information that has been invaluable to my creative process at least once or twice.

So anyway, I've spent most of my late-evening (kids are in bed, of course) browsing a blog that I found today. It's called Make It and Love It, and it very well may be the mother load of all fun DIY projects that are right up my alley. I want to let the creator know just how clever I think she and her site are, but I feel like, with 2500 followers, she probably gets a mad amount of emails saying just that.

If there's a blog or a site that does it for you, let me know! I LOVE finding new ones. I know that, if there were no internet, I'd still find plenty of creative inspiration (and it might even be more original, due to the lack of dependency on the convenience factor), but seriously--what would we do without the internet?? :D

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