Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Here are a few things I've been working on since you last heard from me.

The most recent 2 pairs:
I made a few pairs of jeans for my son after my husband took him to church on a chilly day in shorts. (He had pants, but apparently they were nowhere to be found when it was time to dress the baby.)
One is just plain-jane denim, no frills, no extras, go-with-everything jeans. Then there's my favorite! Distressed denim, patched, and trimmed up with this brownish denim that I got for free. Unfortunately, these are pretty big and will take a little time to grow into. But at 8 months, most of Gus' clothes are 18-24 months and he's only getting bigger. I'm betting he'll be in these pants this winter.
All the material, with the exception of the elastic and thread, was free--either given to me, or from Nick's old jeans. So, yay for nearly free clothes! And there's something special about clothing for the kids that was once their dad's. When Rhyl was a lot smaller, I made a dress out of one of Nick's favorite old shirts that was wearing out. It's on this blog somewhere. Anyway, I like doing that.
Boy/Girl Set:
I also made a (size 12 month) dress and pants out of the red/brown corduroy and plaid homespun for my etsy shoppe. I was so happy (and relieved!) when this dress turned out! I didn't use a pattern, or even a tape measure! I just held the fabric up to a dress that was the size I wanted this one to be, and eyeballed seam allowances. Now, if only adult clothing were so easy!

But wait, [sometimes] it is!

Something For Mama:
I am very happy with how this top turned out. Chances are good that you'll see me in many of these this winter. The front and back of this top are exactly the same. It's sort of T shaped. This is another eyeball project. I held up a t-shirt to stretch knit fabric and estimated the width and length. The rough draft turned out a little small, so I held that up to more fabric, eyeballed again, and after some cutting and re-hemming, I had a great little shirt! It looks kind of big and lifeless on the hanger, but my nose is telling me that there's a diaper to change, so more pictures (of it ON) will have to come at a later date.

That's all I have for now. Enjoy your week! And weekend, and whatever that brings you. I might not be back before then. :)

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