Thursday, October 15, 2009

More Busy-ness

Always working, whether in front of or behind the scenes. You may not see it when you walk in, but rest assured that there is plenty being done, somewhere, in my modest abode. Some evidence:

Another pin for the MOPS gift basket. Why make flowers the limit? Halloween colors and running stitches are cute, too. It would be most helpful if I knew the ladies who were receiving these baskets and could get an idea of their individual styles. But I can't.

My friend Melissa had me sew some scrubs for her. She had cut out and serged the pieces--a relief, because that's my least favorite part!--and I just put them together. They were great on her. Not so much on the hanger.

Using a pattern was something that I haven't done in quite a while, and Melissa's scrubs inspired me to keep going. As is the case with every sewist at some point, I have a few projects all bagged up and ready to go--the fabric, the notions, the pattern. They're all together quietly pleading from my fabric closet... "Help us, Melody! We're meant to be a dress, but we're just a pile of raw materials! Put us together, please!" So I did. I bought this pattern and then realized that it wasn't something that was going to flatter my figure. Then I had another baby, and my figured changed, and that wasn't the case anymore. At least, I don't think so. Please tell me if I'm wrong, before I embarrass myself. lol

Using patterns is something that I'm okay with, but the enjoyment I get out of a wearable garment when I've free-handed it is just impossible to match. However, it's a real confidence-booster any time I make something that turns out wearable, even if it's just an alteration!

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Teresa Link said...

The dress is lovely Melody!