Sunday, May 4, 2008

My Lovely Simplicity Dress!

I shop for stretch knits wherever and whenever I can, b/c they're very hard to find at a decent price. [Side note: why is there a wealth of tacky bright pink John Deere for girls linen at WM, but no lightweight, simple, cheap jersey t-shirt fabric??? anyway...] So when I was in a neighboring WM a few months ago I hit the clearance rack, which is usually where stretch knits are, and jackpot!! I got three or four different ones for $1/yd! So, I walked out with $12 in fabric, which would have been way too much for me had I not also walked out with 12 yds of stretch knit!

One of these fabrics stole my heart, right there in the WM aisle! :) It's blue and white paisley, and I had so many ideas for it. I finally broke down and bought a pattern I'd been eyeing for about a year and a half for a very pretty dress that I was convinced would flatter my figure. There's not really much more to say about this dress, other than, "Voila!"

Oh, one more thing: instead of buying a hook and eye, I took the hook off of a bra and stitched a loop of thread for the eye.

Fabric <$2.00
Zipper ~$1.50
Pattern ~$3.00
Total: about $5.50
Also, I recently picked up a couple of yds from the Salvation Army (2/$1!) and am planning to use this pattern again. Also planning to use pieces of it for summer tops. This is one of, if not THE, best sewing deal on my own clothes that I've ever made!

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