Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Purple Bedsheet Outfit

My husband's grandmother recently gave me a bunch of fabric, and this nice, high thread-count lavendar bedsheet was in with it all. After dreaming about what I could do with all that free fabric, I finally settled on an experimental top (this was before I got a pattern for tops). I used a dress pattern that my mom had given me for the bodice, and I used my cheap lace to trim it up and make it extra dainty and flirty.
The top is my favorite. The skirt was an afterthought. Because I only had one zipper on hand and it was earmarked for a dress I made later, I decided to close the back with buttons. (This was the first time I've ever made buttonholes--another reason this was a satisfying project!) But I only had four buttons--free, given to me by my sister who had them left over from a dress she had me mend. I left the rest of the back open, and stitched a sash across the front to tie in the back. The ties hang down over the open part, so it isn't too noticeable, which I think makes it even flirtier! :) The skirt is a long piece of fabric that's been taken in (I don't know what they're called! like darts, but on the hips to form the waist) on each side. It's a simple wrap with a snap closure and lace trim.
So basically, everything but about 25 cents of lace for this outfit was free! But let's recap the costs as if it weren't...

Fabric at the SA would have been about $1.00
Buttons were 6 for $.67 (used 4)
Lace ~$.25
Total ~$1.92
But better than the fact that this outfit was basically free is that I freehanded most of it, and it turned out wearable!!! Because I'm so new to sewing, and still figuring a lot of things out, this was a really amazing feeling!

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