Monday, May 19, 2008

Another Bonnet

This time for a boy or a girl! The prototype, of course, is pretty girly, and my experimental fabric of choice continues to be purple gingham. I also added a little lace for trim. This is simply a square of fabric about 16" x 16", folded and stitched to make a box-ey hat. (The folds are simple, but kind of hard to explain.) I haven't, but I think I'm going to run a ribbon drawstring thru the back, both to tie it and to act as a gather so it contours to the baby's neck. Another option would be to put a dart in the middle of the back, and attach the strings to the corners. This would be a good winter bonnet, where the focus is more on warmth than on sun protection. (Of course, that's still important and many types of visors could be rigged up to the front if you wish.) For winter, a fleece or flannel would be perfect, and changing the color scheme and trim would make it good for a boy. Great gift for that "tbd" baby! :)


Fabric < $.15

Lace < $.10

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