Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blue Plaid Pillowcase Top

I am so proud of this one! I did go ahead and get a pattern, which cost $2.44, but I plan to use it again and again this summer and in the future (it's also got a sleeved option for winter shirts!). I got two pillocases from the SA, 25 cents each, and used my cheap cheap lace, of which I have yards and yards, for the trim. I only used a small piece of the yellow case, leaving plenty for another top or something, but let's go ahead and assume the whole cost in the break-down Are you ready for this??

Fabric $.50
Lace about $.10
That's right= less than 60 cents for this top! Not including the pattern, of course, but even if you do, could you have found it for $3?? I'm excited!


Susie said...

that is so stinking cute! I'm impressed.

Sonja said...

This is super cute Melody! I love how it looks. Great job I am really loving all of your projects!

Sonja (3lynns)