Thursday, April 24, 2008

White Flowered Dress With Blue Ribbon

Pillowcases are only 25 cents at my local Salvation Army, providing the perfect practice fabric for my sewing projects. And it's usually no problem finding ones that are in good shape and with attractive (in any) patterns, so my daughter won't look like she's wearing bedclothes if it does end up wearable! This one is a perfect example.

The pillowcase I used is (was?) white with 2" watercolor-looking flowers that are either pastel blue, pink, or purple-ish with green leaves. I think it's just lovely. It's perfect for a not-too-girly dress, esp. with blue trim. Delicate without frills and puffs.

My mom gave me a pattern she bought in the '60s for a variety of baby outfits and accessories, and for this dress I used the basic front and back pieces for the pattern's dress. I could have put sleeves on it, but opted not to this time, as it was a dry run. I lined it with some white stretch cotton (like t-shirt material) so that you couldn't see thru it, and used light blue sating ribbon for the ties. I put in one tie at the neckline in the back, and then one long ribbon around the waist to tie in the back.

Things I would have done differently:

*Not used a stretchy material for the lining. I think it would have gone better if I had used another linen material instead of a stretch knit.

*Used a wider ribbon/material for the sash around the waist.

*Added another tie in the back for closing the dress, and put them between the dress fabric and the lining (I stitched them on after I put the dress together).

*Added another blue ribbon around the hem to tie it all together.

*Maybe not stitched the ribbon at the waist to the front of the dress. Maybe only stitched it at the sides as I had originally planned.

Materials Cost

Fabric <$.25

Ribbon $.25


Total about $.50
Yay! Talk about saving money on clothes!!


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Love this idea, and absolutely love the picture from behind with the blue ribbon tie in the back. I will definitely be making this for little Isabella, my precious and only granddaughter!