Friday, April 4, 2008

Purple Sun Bonnet

The first sun bonnet I made was easy and fun. I had something else in mind for the overall look of a bonnet, and decided to make another. This is also a handkerchief-style bonnet with a drawstring in the back. The body of this bonnet is solid purple, and the visor is made of my favorite print (the tiny lavendar flowers with green leaves). It's lined with soft white stretch cotton. The visor can be worn unfolded or folded back around the face. On the back around the drawstring, I sewed on 5 little white flowers with beads in the middle.

This bonnet is too big for my daughter, tho, and would probably fit a 2 yr old, or a kid with a head circumference of about 20" +. I'm still learning, and I get a better idea of the right sizes as I go!

Fabric $.75
Ribbon $.35
Charm $.04
Flowers $.10
Total $1.24

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