Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pillowcase Dresses

I recently discovered this nifty little thing, and how easy it is to make! There are many different types, but I've started out with the simplest. It's a sack with armholes and a drawstring neckline, basically. I love it!

On this particular one, I used my favorite print (tiny lavendar flowers with green leaves), purple ribbon, and white lace to trim this dress. It's a touch small--I think they're supposed to be really roomy, but I suppose you can make them fit however you'd like. I'm thinking maybe in the future of making a matching purse and booties.
This dress sold on eBay for $5.99. It's the first and only thing I've sold on eBay so far, and the first and only thing I've sold that I've sewn, so far. I'd really like to do more selling, so please contact me if you're interested. I love to sew and create custom pieces, and put much time and love into the details.
Fabric $.75
Ribbon $.68
Lace $1.00
Total $2.43 (Materials only)

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