Friday, April 4, 2008

Gingham Sun Bonnet

Here in Iowa, it's getting too warm for the baby's winter hat but it's still too breezy for no hat at all. Also, she's outgrown her infant seat and no long has a canopy to keep the sun off of her while she's in her car seat. The obvious solution--a sun bonnet! Lightweight, with a sun shield, and almost as adorable as the baby!

Here's my first one. It's purple gingham, lined with soft white stretch cotton. The visor is wide white lace, the ties are purple ribbons, and it's complete with a white butterfly applique and a silver "Handmade with Love" charm.

Fabric < $.15
Ribbon < $.25
Lace $.47
Applique $.21
Charm $.04
Total $1.12
(Materials only)

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