Thursday, July 22, 2010

Product Reviews: St. Ives Cleanser & Moisturizer

Because I'm a total sucker for statements like, "We understand that little everyday choices we make can impact overall quality of life" and "not tested on animals" and "formulated without parabens and phthalates", as well as a very reasonable (read: LOW) price that leaves me feeling like I really got a steal, I look to the St. Ives product line first when deciding what beauty product to try next. And again--TWICE!!--I found a treasure there.

First thing's first: getting clean. I have been using a couple of different St. Ives products (Apricot Scrub and Olive Scrub) on my face with excellent results, but I was looking for something a little lighter for morning facial cleansing. That's when I found their Naturally Clear Apricot Cleanser. The tube reads: "deep cleans & fights blemishes without over
drying", and it does exactly that! It's almost like a creamier, less gritty version of the Apricot Scrub, so I'd feel safe in assuming that if the Apricot Scrub is too abrasive for you, this would be perfect. It provides exfoliation without being too rough, and moisture without being heavy or greasy. It's just great!! It's what I use every morning now. It was less than $5 (might have even been a little under $4) for the 6.5 oz tube.

And now, on to moisturizing. I haven't been this excited about a product for a long time. This is the Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer. The front of the tub reads, "visibly reduces fine lines & wrinkles". My facial wrinkles, altho I hate them, are minimal and I haven't bothered to scrutinize them in the 2 weeks or so since I began using this moisturizer. However, at under $5 for a 10 oz tub, I don't feel like I'm limited to my face when using it. Because collagen is good for skin elasticity in general, I lavish this stuff on the baby-sponsored stretch marks that creep farther and farther up my belly and boobs with new each ankle-biter and I do think that it has helped there. It doesn't exacerbate any current breakouts, doesn't cause new ones, and leaves my sensitive facial skin feeling soft and moisturized, not like I'm walking thru a swamp in July. I LOVE it!!

So... I guess the only question is, when is St. Ives going to start paying me to brag on them?? lol (Ahem, probably not while I'm willing to do it for free, right??)

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