Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just Thought I'd Share: Plate Wall Decor

Interior decorating is NOT my thing, but I've seen this great idea on sites like Apartment Therapy and maybe One Pretty Thing that I thought was totally doable even for me. So a few months ago I started collecting pretty plates, trying to stay in the green color scheme. They don't match, they don't always have green in them, and they're definitely not all the same style, but hanging asymmetrically together across the large wall in my kitchen definitely helps to make it feel more like home, and less like where non-imaginative people convene to eat (and where the more imaginative of us convene to throw food and make huge messes!).

This is a work in progress--when/if it's ever deemed "done" I'll post the finished results--but I'm just so psyched that it's coming together nicely that I wanted to share a picture. And, of course, cheap and easy ideas that make life easier and a little nice are always at the top of my list to shout about! And if you have a plate wall, let's see it!!

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