Thursday, May 6, 2010

All Alone Here

Now is as good a time as any, I suppose, to let the cat out of the blog bag: I'm pregnant! Baby #3 is due November 21st, so it is not likely that you'll see us away from home this Thanksgiving. However, we just got a very comfy !!VAN!! (this excites me so because I have wanted to join the minivan mom club for quite some time) and it almost makes me want to go somewhere far away, just so that I can stick in a dvd and have a long, quiet, comfortable ride with the kids--something that I'm not sure I've ever had. Anyway, back to baby. We're not planning to find out the sex. We've got one of each already, and I think it'll be awesome to hear, "It's a ___!" and not to have known already.

So you're probably confused about the title of my post. I'm not alone because I'm pregnant. Since Saturday, my husband has been in France for a work trip. He's a chemical engineer, and he had to go learn about how to make something new so that his company here in Iowa can start churning it out and you can begin to enjoy it in your toothpaste and chewing gum. I hope that doesn't constitute a trade secret. :P I have tried to stay busy--and I have--but the difference in my productivity pre- and post-pregnancy is downright depressing. Remember when I tore out a cabinet system, cleaned it all up, and refinished the wall in 2 days?? I haven't even gotten the tiny bit of trim in our kitchen painted in the last 5 days!! I'm keeping a list of what I've gotten done while he's away, and so far this is it:

1. Matted the kids' picture in the living room.

Ooo, impressive, that should have taken all year!
Ugh. I'm just too tired! (I'm trying to avoid the word "lazy" here!)

I am almost done with the kitchen trim, to be fair to myself, altho it's taken me a lifetime. But no pictures can be taken this week, as Hubby took the camera with him and our crappy little back-up camera doesn't seem to be working anymore. Probably because it's tiny so Little Miss deemed it "hers" and carries it around whacking things with it all day. But, because we all hate posts without pictures, I'll leave you with this one. It was on my computer. I would like to have a scene like this running thru my back 40 some day. We're talking land here, btw.

Have a great weekend, if you don't hear from me sooner!


Renanda said...

Congrats! I am currently planning a Jungle Babies Baby Shower for my cousin. Lots of babies lately on the blogs I read :)

Melody said...

Thank you! I noticed that, too. Seems as tho all the crafty blog mamas are expecting!

Jenn said...

Congrats! I know so many people pregnant right around then. Fun! :)

Nov. 21st is a great birthday, by the way (it's mine! hehehe)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I hope you are doing okay. :)
Been thinking about you when I bargain shop.


Ellie Mae said...

Congrats! on the new baby, Your not being lazy just staying rested for the new little one. Take it easy while hubby is away.