Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I've been asked to make a wedding veil! The only veil I've made so far is my own. Before I knew how to sew, when I was crafty-minded but not actively crafty, when I wielded only a hand-held needle and thread, I made my own. It wasn't hard. It wasn't even a challenge. Tulle, a comb, a handful of store-bought flower confetti, and a yard of trim, it was the antithesis of complicated. But holy cow! Have you SEEN the price tags hanging off those little lengths netting??? I couldn't even pay my half of the bills when I got married, and I certainly couldn't shell out that kind of dough for something that I knew (even then) I could make myself. But I digress...

This veil is not going to be as simple as mine was but, of course, it's going to be way better! My major obstacle: other than the bride being 3 hours away and communicating only via Facebook and not actually being able to see the dress, there are literally more flower choices (for the clip) than you could talk about in a year. Go try looking up all the ways you can make a fabric flower! Jeesh... But we're getting somewhere!

The other day, as I have 4 children under 5 underfoot, I get a creative kick in the butt (it always happens at the least appropriate times!) and I whipped out these practice flowers for the clip. I think we're going to go with the ones with the petals, and perhaps a little crystal flair on the sides and middle.

I guess the point of posting this, really, was just to share what I've been up to. (I'm always feeling bad about not being "busy enough for the blog"!) I haven't really thought about adding any to my Etsy shop, or advertising my veil-making services. Idk, whaddya think? Anybody got any ideas for these easy-to-make, pretty little flowers?

Other than making my 2 y/o and her little friend
the happiest dressed-up girls on the planet? :)

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