Sunday, May 16, 2010

This AM In the Craft Room Part II: Lacey Yoyo Button Pins

The other projects I did for MOPS were these cute little things. They're incredibly easy, very versatile, and I probably have no reason to do a tutorial for them except that I did bother to take pictures, so... why not?!?! :) FYI: I made 2, so the pics have 2 of each part in them, but I'll write the tut for only one. Here goes...

Start by cutting out a circle about twice the diameter as your finished pin will be.

Sew a long running stitch along the edge of the circle. It should be wide so that you can pull it tight and close the opening. A finished edge is not necessary because it will be covered.

Pull the running stitch tight to close the circle.

For the lace layer, I estimated how much I would need to make the appropriate sized flower, cut the length, and sewed long a running stitch along the bottom. I then pulled it tight to gather the flower, knotted the string to stabilize it, and then whip stitched the end edges closed (right sides facing).

Grab your hot glue gun and layer in this order: 1. Yoyo. 2. A plentiful circle of hot glue. 3. Lace flower (right side up!). 4. A healthy dollop of glue. 5. Button.

For the back, I cut two small felt circles and glued a pin back to them. I then attached that to the back of the yoyo with hot glue.

Let the glue harden, and there ya go! I love these. They weren't anywhere near as complicated as the black flower, but they fit the personalities of the ladies who received them perfectly. And they're cute!

Think about putting these on a hair clip, headband, elastic band for a corsage... the possibilities are endless!


Past and Present said...

Hi Melody, I am thrilled to have found your blog. Enjoy your time at home and don't feel quilty about it, with all the savings you make repurposing clothes into items for your daughter, baking chooks and gardening ... it's great.
I would like you to pop into Down to Earth Forums and please check out Rhonda's blog You are already doing so much "living a simple life"Just go to my blog Our Slice of Heaven you will find the link there or link on a post Meet Rhonda here. Look forward seeing you there.BTW I love your Blog.

Melody said...

Thanks so much, Rina! I'm checking out the forums right now!