Friday, April 30, 2010

Found Another Awesome Blog

I have finally been feeling up to doing... well, anything. But the things I've been up to are pretty boring; nothing to talk about, really, just mending and cleaning. However, if I'd taken before and after pictures of my sewing room, you would probably share my sentiment that I might as well have climbed Everest at record speed--WOW that place was awful! I've been mega-brainstorming top recons lately, as I will be needing a mini wardrobe revamp with the oncoming warm weather, and I ran across Tea Rose Home which is an amazing little blog by a very talented lady who makes gorgeous frilly items. It's worth checking out. I spent quite a while there this morning. Great stuff. I'll definitely be referring back to it as I continue to rifle thru my closet. I also added it to my blog list.

HOPEFULLY I will soon have some fun things to show you. It's supposed to be rainy today, so perhaps I'll be able to sit down with a project that doesn't include patching holes or sewing on buttons. Ta for now!

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