Saturday, April 10, 2010

It Strikes Again

So, we've got another case of NBS (Neglected Blog Syndrome). Again, I'm sorry about that! Have I been sewing? No. Have I been building? No. Have I been baking? No more than necessary.

I have been feeling under the weather lately, and just sort of laying in, taking care of the kiddos. Palm Sunday and Easter weekends took us away to visit family, and it's been kind of difficult getting back into the swing of things, feeling crappy and all. I really hope to get back to normal soon, as I have a LONG list of things that MUST get done, and only less and less time in which to do them.

On the bright side, I did feel up to my morning blog surfing, and found 2 new blogs to add to my list:

First, From An Igloo is a pretty sweet little blog, especially considering that she's only been up for a couple of months (according to the archive, anyway). She does really adorable projects, and takes great pictures. She must live in a sunnier house than I. I never have that kind of light. :)

And next, Blue Eyed Freckle is like what I would be, if I were organized and focused. I think so, anyway. She does great stuff that is, well, focused in a main direction! My stuff is all over the board. I've thought about how I should direct my creative focus, but I can't settle on one style. Or, maybe I have a don't realize it. Still thinking about that one.

In the meantime, I'm chasing around my youngest. Lazy old Gus, at 14 months, has finally decide to take walking seriously, and is stomping all over the house. I do appreciate his progress, and I'm happy that he's doing it, but as a mom of 2 who's been feeling extra tired, I never said I was anxious for this! I know just how much busier I'll be now that the stairs are being climbed and the boy is on two legs. But anyway, congrats, Gus!

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