Monday, November 16, 2009

Stuff I've Been Doing

I had a mad, mad hankering for chocolate cake last night, so I made this one. I used this recipe, halving it as I usually do, and used one 9" round cake pan. Then I simply cut it in half and sandwiched peanut butter frosting in the middle. I didn't use a recipe for the frosting, rather dumped in around 1 c of powdered sugar, a heaping quarter cup of Crisco, and probably half a cup or more of pb, and mixed the heck out of it until it was nice and smooth. I was out of vanilla, so that was left out of the cake and the frosting--or filling, as it was--hence the peanut butter. (I made whoopie pies w/o vanilla once, and you've just got to make up for it somehow, imo.) 24 hours later, the filling has set up to what I'd compare to the middle of a Reese's PB cup, and it is YUMMY! And nearly gone. I have a pretty glass cake stand, so it's been staring at me all day. It's lucky it lived thru breakfast.

Also, I finished a sweet little project that I began on the trip up to Iowa City for Gus' postponed surgery, inspired by a photo in Mary Janes' Farm Magazine. It's a pink and green needle book, and I must say, how pretty! I'm happy with how it turned out. Needle books and other small projects have become a preoccupation of late, so I'm not keeping it. (I have enough already!) I'm planning to put it in my Etsy shop. It's small and made of synthetic felt, so it'll be very reasonable. So... go buy it! lol

I came home with 4 of the 6 Desktop Vacation baskets I took to the Mops Shop last weekend. I'm sad to say there wasn't a great turnout, which makes the fact that I sold 2 pretty surprising to me. I plan to post the remaining 4 to my Etsy shop tonight.

The main project I have in the hopper at the moment is a couple of sheep costumes for a friend's boys for the kids' church play. It's basically a replication of Martha Stewart's little sheep costumes. They're turning out really well. Almost done. I'll show you those later.

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Teresa Link said...

Sorry to see the MOPS craft thing went poorly. I wanted to come, shop and bring some crafts byut life at this time is barely getting by if you know what I mean.