Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gus' Hanging Organizer

This is a great beginner's project, and as cheap as raiding your receiving blanket/sheet stash. I had some old receiving blankets that were given to me, as a set, when Rhyl was a baby. They're circus themed, primary colors, so sorta unisex (as was the point). I love them. Turns out, they perfectly match up with the hand-me-down crib layette that my sister Rachael gave me. I've really only been using the big big big receiving blankets with Gus, so these were going unused anyway. And who doesn't need convenience, attractive storage space??

So here we are, three receiving blankets, a dowel rod, a couple of nails and thumbtacks later. I strung red buttons on the nail (up top) to disguise them a little. On the other organizers I've made (and on my shower curtain, come to think of it), I sew fabric loops onto the top and loop them over nails. You can also put them on doors that way, with over-the-door hooks. This time, I knew right where it was going and I had a dowel rod handy. Total Cost: three receiving blankets and about 45 minutes, start-to-finish.

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