Monday, October 20, 2008

Pink Hanging Organizer

This is another Christmas present, for another sister. (Same sister as the teddy bear wallet below.) It does not have straps on the back to roll it up with, like the blue one does.
That little thing in the second pocket is a drawstring bag. I trimmed it with red ribbon. Everything I used came from the estate auction and was insanely cheap.
This is a matching snap closure bag. It was the first of its kind, so It wasn't perfect.

The inside of the little bag. Trimmed with creme ribbon.

All the ribbon and fabric came from the auction, so the total cost was pennies and time. But I'm very happy with how these turned out.

Honestly, you could make one of these at home using things you already have. A bedsheet or towel makes a perfect back panel, and you can use anything for the pockets that will give you enough material: men's shirts, pillowcases, pieces of a sheet, towels, tableclothes.... I could go on. Go thru your Goodwill box. You're likely to find a hanging organizer in there! :D


Kat said...

These are nice. What are the dimensions on the organizer's?

I love your site. I wish I was as good at sewing as you are. I got your link from mommysavers.

I started a blog after reading yours, check it out if you like:

Melody said...

I forgot to measure them before I gave them away! I know it's pretty late anyway... The pink one was much larger than the blue. Probably at least 3.5 feet long and about 3 feet wide. You can make a good estimate of the pockets. They were just a few inches shorter, and in varying heights, and a few inches apart from each other. HTH, and sorry it took me 6 months to answer!