Monday, October 20, 2008

Teddy Bear Wallet

When my family came to visit a few weeks ago, one of my sisters saw a little makeup bag I'd made for myself and loved it. It was basically just like this, but with snap closures. She said, in a hinting way, "I'll have to have you make me one of those sometime..." So I did. And I'm not even waiting till Christmas to send it to her, b/c I've already made her one that matches the hanging organizer that I made her for her present (sshhh, don't tell!).

I hate this fabric--I'm not a stuffed animal fan (sister definitely is!). I had just enough to do something small with it, and she is the only person I can comfortably unload it on. :)

The fabric and the bottons came as part of a large load of sewing and crafting stuff that I got for $7 at an estate auction, so we'll call it all 15 cents, even tho it probably didn't even come to that. Under each button is a velcro circle, which were 16 sets for $2 at WM, so about 13 cents.
Grand total = under 30 cents!

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