Friday, November 7, 2008

Flat Bags

I am going to try my hand at selling some handmade things at a craft show the weekend of November 15th in Moberly, MO. My wares will include wallets, purses, bags, and a few baby bonnets. These are a few of the items I've made to sell. I'm calling them "flat bags" b/c that's exactly what they are. They are basically two panels of fabric with stabilizers in between, folded in half and sewn together at the edges, with pockets on the insides. The one with the square applique also has a pocket on the back of the outside. They are made of red corduroy and cotton fabric. There's one more in the works, but our camera is on the major fritz so I snap whenever it'll allow.
This idea came out of necessity. I was always having to unload my wallet, notebook, phone, and a pen from the diaper bag whenever I left my daughter in the nursery or at home with my husband. So I made myself a large tote with lots of pockets for a diaper bag, but to avoid packing around a handful of loose things whenever I'm seperated from the babe I made a small, slim bag to fit inside of the big tote. (Someday I'll take pics of the ensemble and put them on here!) Now when I don't have/want the big bag with me, I just lift the small one out and go! While these bags aren't ideal for a load of stuff, they're perfect for smaller quantities. They fit into small places and the hard sides mean that you can put papers or paperback books inside and they won't get mangled. I love them!

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