Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just Stuff

I really have been busy, but it seems that I've been doing more work for my Etsy shop than anything else. So I must apologize if anybody has missed my once-frequent tutorials or personal projects that haven't been around due to lack of time/energy/etc. I may seem quiet, but that just means I'm hunkered down over my sewing machine, or hauling toddlers around all day. Anyway, here are some random tidbits from the goings-on around our house lately...

Recently I took my first product pictures using a live model, my very gorgeous and gracious friend Nicole. They turned out very well! They definitely got my Etsy items noticed more, so hopefully she enjoyed helping me out enough to do it a few more times. Seems this is a great thing for business! And it's fun to see my stuff on a real body, too.

And today, when Gus and Hubby came back in from the garden, Gus ate about half of a giant red pepper, raw, all by himself, by the huge mouthful. Not terribly special, I guess, but it was funny and I got a couple of snapshots of it. This is also the kid who, like his sister, would pick basil leaves fresh off the plant and eat them. Not just one.

And Baby #3 has hiccups CONSTANTLY! It's cute, but a little annoying after a while. I mean, if I were twitching like this all by myself, I'd go stretch or change position. But nothing helps! So I just try to enjoy the fact that my darling fetus has a working diaphragm and not that it'll be jumping around like an Irish step dancer inside my womb for the next 6 weeks!

Oh, and how can I forget Gracie?? Remember my first serger project? Her mom was good enough to send me some pictures of her in the outfit I made. See how close you can get to a good fit by using existing clothing as a guideline? You really don't need a pattern all the time. What an adorable girl!

And that is all for this evening. Hopefully I'll have something more fun for you to read soon! :D

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