Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Etsy Shop Update: It's Getting Colder!

In preparation for the even colder weather just around the corner, I've been working on a few fabulous hat/scarf/arm warmer sets made from thrifted sweaters. And I couldn't be happier with the results! First, I found a green and a red sweater. Then I got my scissors and matching thread. And then... out popped these beauties!

A little more about them: The scarves are "infinity scarves". That means that, instead of being one long line, they're circles! They are very cute draped around your neck once like a cowl, or wrapped twice. As for the arm warmers, I'm calling them "fingerless gloves" in my shop listings. They're cut out of the sleeve of the sweater, and they've got a slot for the thumb. They're the most adorable thing I've seen in a long time!

I'm really hating that I don't have models, with the sad excuse of an exception of my own arm. I don't feel like these pics do the warmer sets justice. They just look so great ON!

And now, the romantic twist to my shop update:
This is a gorgeous accessory made with double-sided satin ribbon and acrylic beads. Simple and elegant, PERFECT for holiday outfits or just dressing up jeans and a cardi. The ties are very long, so it can be worn at any length from choker to mid-chest. I have a few of these that I wear constantly, and I'm finally getting around to taking the 1000 suggestions of, "You should sell those!" lol

So, there you have it for today. Stay tuned for a simple yet extremely practical (those 2 things usually go hand-in-hand, do they not??) guy gift! Coming soon... as soon as I can upload it. :)

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